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We specialize in making your business look great. From an image, digital, media, logistics and branding standpoint, our services are uniquely geared towards solutions that provide a level of sophistication and professionalism that your business requires. We build websites with an overall multi platform approach. Providing the client a symmetrical look across their entire spectrum of marketing and branding.

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So, we’ve been a bit busy lately and haven’t had a chance to update our portfolio with all our recent work including, websites, logos, videos and marketing materials.

Here is a quick list of the website work done recently.

  1. GSF Foundation Liberia – http://www.gsffoundationliberia.org/  (non-profit foundation)
  2. Nightlyfe TV  –  https://nightlyfetv.net   (complete redesign – Media Company)
  3. Admissions & Careers – http://admissionsandcareers.com/ (full website coming soon – career placement agency)
  4. Prosperity Towing –  http://www.prosperitytowing.com/ (towing service)
  5. Starlinx Driving – https://starlinxdriving.com/ (driving school)
  6. SOBA DMV Chapter. – http://sobadmv.org/  (alumni association)
  7. Alpha Home Health Services – http://alphahomehealthservice.com/ (home health care)
  8. Direct Care Home Health – http://www.haluciondemo10.com/ (about to go live – home health care)
  9. Optimized Business Innovations – http://optimized-business.com/ (about to go live – medical staffing)
  10. Premier Health services – http://haluciondemo8.xyz/ (complete redesign – going live soon)
  11. Stratesign consulting – http://stratesignconsulting.com/ (consulting firm)
  12. Drive to Amend 2017 Tax Cut Act  – https://drivetoamendthe2017taxcutact.com/ (petition website)
  13. Taking Effective Action – www.t-action.org (Wellness and empowerment website)
  14. Bluestone Properties IKE –  http://www.bluestonevillas.com/ (full website coming soon)
  15. Hemp CBD Wellness Center – http://hempcbdwellnesscenter.com/  (cbd oil dispensary/ecommerce)
  16. Soula House FM – http://soulahousefm.com (DJ/Music Group Website)
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