Shirley Brown FashionX

Project Description

Client: Shirley Brown FashionX


Platform: WordPress / Photoshop

Designer: Kingsley Ndam

Complete design of the entire website including graphic design work, social media work as well as logo creation and other elements.

  • Web Design
  • Branding
About the Client

Shirley Brown, Personal Stylist! I have been in the Fashion Industry for over 12 years! I have been styling full time for over 5 years now and have found success in dressing women of all shapes and sizes. I am originally from Vienna Austria, born and raised then attended the University of Georgia for Fashion Merchandising.

My career has taken me from Inside of the Fashion business, to retail, beauty and beyond. I have designed clothes, sold clothes to retailers and to consumers and feel like I have learned so much to share with the world! I started this blog to show women of all sizes that ALL fashion trends can be successfully modified to suit you, your body and lifestyle!