Nana Styles

Project Description

Client: Nana Styles

Website:  Website discontinued in 2019

Platform: Opencart / Photoshop

Designer: Kingsley Ndam

Complete design of the entire ecommerce website including graphic & VFX design work on all elements.

  • Ecommerce
About the Client

–Clients has modified the website since the launch–

Nana Styles inspires the most fashionable and vibrant style of dress combinations to your attire. We specialize in male sensual glamour. We will enhance your appearance with the simplest and most charming apparel put together in order to give you a majestic presence. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with their need to feel unique, sophisticated and supreme with respect to dress coordination. Our trend is most eye-catching, mouthwatering and sensational. Nana Styles induces a compelling look at a glance, revitalizing your allure while imposing a sense of intimidation.