Metro Driving School

Project Description

Client: Metro Driving School


Platform: HTML Dreamwever/ Photoshop

Designer: Kingsley Ndam

Complete design of the website including graphic design work on all elements.

  • Web Design
About the Client

Metro Driving School is the leading Driving and Counseling Institution in the Washington DC Metro Area. Our main goal is to give proper guidelines and driving techniques, in a safe and responsible manner to all our students.

We pride ourselves in safety issues in order to reduce deaths, injuries and economic losses resulting from collision and other driving hazards. It is our aim to help the young and old drivers to adopt defensive driving techniques and to become very responsible drivers and be courteous towards other road users.

Metro Driving School also provides counseling services related to the dangers of alcohol and drugs, and other dangers associated with aggressive driving behaviors, which are the leading cause of fatalities on our highways. We, at Metro Driving School believe that, good and responsible driver education is the key to safety on our roadways.