Gamers Paradize

Project Description

Client: Gamers Paradize


Platform: HTML Dreamweaver / Photoshop

Designer: Kingsley Ndam

Complete design of the website including graphic design work on all elements. Plus flyers, brochures and business cards. Also designed the logo.

  • Web Design
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
About the Client

Gamers Paradize is a mobile gamer’s theater bus that brings a fresh and thrilling experience right to your doorstep! Our gamer bus allows 10 to 20 players to compete against each other or play together as a team.

We provide children from the age of 6 years old up to adults. we offer a comfortable enclosed climate control environment, so rain won’t stop the fun! We have 1-“46” inch flat screen HD led TV outside, 4-“40” 1-“32” inch flat screen HD led TV’s inside, 6 gaming platform options (xbox360, Playstation 3, wii u) in a exciting gamer thrilling atmosphere!

We offer the latest video games & Karaoke system with state of the art electronics and a killer lighting and sound system! Our goal is to provide you with a unique gamer experience that allows you to sit back and enjoy your very own party or event!