AJ Nursing Review Center

Project Description

Client: AJ Nursing Review Center

Website:  http://www.ajnursingrc.com

Platform: HTML Dreamwever/ Photoshop

Designer: Kingsley Ndam

Complete design of the website including graphic design work on all elements. Also designed the logo.

  • Web Design
  • Branding
About the Client

AJ Nursing Review center provides personalized study and review to help you prepare for and pass your NCLEX-RN board exam. The review course covers the NCLEX Test plan structure, Strategies for answering NCLEX-RN questions, types of test items, and how to prepare for the exam. In- class tutorials help guide students to understand common NCLEX mistakes and pitfalls, as well as how to critically think in the mindset of the exam. Additionally, students are given sample NCLEX style questions for practice.

Classes are taught by nurse educators with over 12 years of teaching and preparing RN’s for board exams. The review course focuses on concepts and processes fundamental to the practice of nursing and these are integrated throughout the tutorials.