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Website:     Client: Raya Fagg     Art Director: Kingsley Ndam
Programming: Kingsley Ndamn     Graphic Design: Kingsley Ndam


Complete them modification and customization of the wordpress website including graphic design work on all elements as well as logo creation. Halucion maintains an ongoing relationship for updates and modifications.


  • Wordpress Theme Modification
  • integration of jQuery elements
  • CSS/ Javascript Customization
  • Graphic Design on all elements
  • Logo design

FROM ANDSTARRINGHERSELF: Blogging begin as a way to occupy my days while I tried to find a job. I spent time volunteering at my children’s schools and doing work in my community, but I needed more and the five minutes they gave you at a Township Council meeting were the appropriate forums.

My sister encouraged me to explore blogging deeper and I enjoyed meeting other women who wrote. My somewhat daily blogging was solidified until a friend and I challenged each other to blog our mission of reading the bible in 90 days. I still owe her yarn!

When I’m not posting my musings, I can be found doing something Cub, Boy, or Girl Scout related. I may also be spotted going door to door registering people to vote. Down town finds me enjoying obscene amounts of Judge Judy while sipping obscene amounts of coffee as I try my best to finish a knitting project. Check the kitchen as well because I may be attempting to recreate a recipe from Gordon Ramsay.


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